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  • Cucusoft iTunes to iTunes Transfer 2.0.4

    Cucusoft iTunes to iTunes Transfer is an easy to use iTunes utility designed to help you backup/recover/transfer your whole iTunes library and media
  • iTunes Duplicate Remover (iTunes D.R.) 2.2.0

    iTunes Duplicate Remover, removes all duplicate songs from your iTunes Library. It compares duplicate songs and keeps the one with better quality
  • MP3 WAV Convertor 2.68

    MP3 WAV Converter is the ideal all-in-one tool for converting batches of MP3 files to WAV format files for CD burning. Want to get more music on a
  • RM To Mp3 Wav Convertor 2.25

    Cool RM To Mp3 Wav Converter is an easy-to-use tool for converting Real Audio
  • WAV MP3 Convertor 1.3

    To small your WAV files? To convert your MP3, WMA and OGG files to CD quality WAV files for burning your own CD? Just use our WAV MP3 Converter.WAV
  • PPT Convertor 3.5

    A PowerPoint presentation can be seamlessly converted into a video by means of a Easy conversion wizard which will guide you through every step. The
  • RAF FLV Convertor 2

    RAF FLV Convertor is fast audio and video convertor. It can convert to and from most popular audio and video formats including avi, 3gp, flv, mp2
  • Ape To mp3 wav Convertor 3.12

    Ape To Mp3 Wav Convertor is an easy-to-use tool for converting Ape files to Mp3 Wav format with CD quality.Support Set the start position and end
  • Doc Convertor 1.0.0

    Doc Convertor is a unique and easy to use software to quickly and easily print and convert your documents to PDF, RTF, Excel, images and more! With
  • RTF Convertor 1.0.0

    RTF Convertor is a unique and easy to use software to quickly and easily print and export (10+ formats supported) your RTF/Word documents. Convert
  • DBF to CSV Convertor 1.0

    This tool is used to convert all the DBF files in a directory to CSV Files. Tool will create one CSV file for each DBF file. This tool is very simple
  • XML to CSV Convertor 1.0

    Dynamically converting XML to CSV format is much complicated and challenging task. Unlike as other formatted files, every XML file can have its own
  • Audio Convertor Plus 2.2

    Audio Convertor Plus is a powerful audio conversion tool. It can batch convert audio files from one format to another.It supports most of the popular
  • Midi To Wav Mp3 Convertor 3.12

    Midi To Wav Mp3 Convertor is an easy-to-use tool for converting MIDI files to Mp3 or Wav format with CD quality without sound recording.Support Set
  • A-one Video Convertor 7.6.3

    A-one video converter provides you with an all-in-one video conversion solution to convert your favorite video files from one video format to
  • A-one PSP Video Convertor 6.9.14

    A-one PSP Video Converter is an all-in-one video converter to convert popular video to PSP MP4 format.It supports most popular format on internet such
  • Cool RM To Mp3 Wav Convertor 4.13

    Cool RM To Mp3 Wav Converter is an easy-to-use tool for converting Real Audio/Video Files(*.ra; *.rm; *.rv; *.rmvb; *.rmj; *.rms; *.ram; *.rmm; *.rax;
  • Avi MPEG Convertor 1.38

    AVI MPEG Convertor is designed to meet all your needs of convert video file between AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, VCD, SVCD, DVD, WMV, ASF formats. The main
  • Midi To mp3 wav Convertor 3.12

    Midi To Wav Mp3 Convertor is an easy-to-use tool for converting MIDI files to Mp3 or Wav format with CD quality without sound recording.Support Set
  • Speed Convertor 2.0

    ¬ĘSupport multiple video file conversion, including *.RM, *.RMVB, *.AVI, *.WMV, *.ASF, *.MPG, *.MPEG, *.MPE, *M1V, *MPV2, *.MP4, *.DAT, *.MOV, *.VOB
  • E2M Character Convertor 9.0

    Eng2Marathi is an ideal and simple character converter application that helps you solve your marathi typing problems. It's a perfect choice for
  • Batch CHM to PDF Convertor 2011.3.804.1108

    Batch CHM TO PDF Converter is a CHM to PDF Doocument Batch Converter that can convert HTML Help to PDF document and file easily. Batch CHM TO PDF
  • Measurement Convertor 2.07

    Measurement Convertor 2.07 is described as an advanced yet easy to use tool which lets you convert standard and metric units. Units include
  • Unit Convertor 1.0

    Unit Convertor is used for converting inches, meters, miles, kilometers, and other forms of units from one to another. It is very easy to use; you
  • Convertor Valutar

    A small and easy-to-use currency converter. A small and easy-to-use currency converter. Convertor Valutar is a handy and reliable program designed
  • Ip to Country Convertor 1.3

    This tool will determine the country by IP address over a range of IP lists. Just enter your ip list in a text file and loat the list into the
  • Easy Mid Convertor

    Easy Midi Converter is a powerful utility to convert music mid/midi format to AIFF,WAV,AU,FLAC,MP2,MP3,APE,FLAC,OGG,FLAC,VOC The very user-firenldy
  • Temperature Convertor v1.2

    Freelabs Temperature Convertor it's a tool that helps you to convert temperature between diffrent scales. Freelabs Temperature Convertor's
  • Convertor-Html

    Convertor-html is an all-in-one solution to convert HTML files to PDF, DOC, XLS, JPEG, TIFF, RTF, and TXT (both text files and Unicode text files).
  • Metric Convertor 4.3

    Metric Converter is a simple and easy to use Guibased free tiny application developed for converting between metric and imperial units. It includes
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  • iTunes Duplicate Finder 1.0

    itunes helps you to download music, videos, films and TV show etc. It also work as a convertor like it can be convert audio and videos from one format to other. These conversions some time make duplicate copy on your
  • Hieroglyphic Number Convertor 1.1

    Software Reflections Hieroglyphic Number convertor Hieroglyphic Number convertor converts standard numeric digits to hieroglyphic numeric digits. Hieroglyphics Number convertor wll convert any WHOLE number between 0
  • Cucusoft iTunes to iTunes Transfer 2.0.4

    Cucusoft itunes to itunes Transfer is an easy to use itunes utility designed to help you backup/recover/transfer your whole itunes library and media files. It's a simple way to keep your itunes in sync everywhere. You
  • MEDA Text to PDF Converter 1.6

    Text to PDF convertor is a flexible and powerful tool which can convert text, tagged text, textual report into formatted and searchable Portable Data Format(PDF) files. For example, convert your text reports into PDF
  • Easy PDF Convertor Standard 3.0

    Easy PDF convertor Standard is the ordinary version of Easy PDF convertor Professional. Features: Convert PDF to Plain Text file (*.txt); Extract all pictures from
  • iPod Video Convertor Suite 3.20.20060424

    iPod Video convertor consists of DVD to iPod convertor and Video to iPod convertor. The former can rip any DVD to iPod MP4. The latter can convert avi, MPEG, WMV, MOV, RM, VOB, etc to iPod. So with this iPod Video
  • PhoneAble 1.2 Beta

    Normally an iPhone is associated with just one itunes Library, and you can only manage your music with that one copy of itunes. PhoneAble takes your iPhone library key and applies it to any number of other itunes
  • Sony Ericsson Ringtone Convertor

    Sony Ericsson Ringtone convertor is a free program for creating .imy Sony Ericsson ringtonesSony Ericsson Ringtone convertor is a small, simple and easy-to-use application designed to create the ringtones (imy) for your
  • iTunes Consolidator 1.7

    itunes Consolidator is an easy to use application for locating songs that have been removed from your itunes Library. Have you ever deleted a song from itunes but clicked "Keep Files" in itunes? itunes Consolidator finds
  • iTOrganize for iTunes 1

    iTOrganize for itunes 1 is developed as a convenient software which allows the user to visualize how itunes tracks are stored. Directly interfaces with itunes quickly and efficiently manage how and where tracks are
  • iTunes Duplicate Song Manager 0.7.1

    itunes Duplicate Song Manager is a program written in Java to Remove Duplicated Files created by itunes. itunesDSM also removes orphaned tracks from the itunes Library, as well as, adds tracks to itunes
  • Nidesoft iTunes Converter 2.5.06

    Nidesoft itunes Converter is an excellent Video to itunes Converter tool which could convert Video files to itunes movie. It could accept almost all the popular video formats as input and support video to all the Apple
  • Amyuni PDF Converter

    The PDF Converter is a virtual printer driver that enables you to create a PDF document from any application running under Windows® operating systems. Built using our own proprietary technologies, PDF convertor
  • Aniosoft iTunes Backup 1.6

    Aniosoft itunes Backup is a backup tool to backup your itunes or transfer it to another PC.It supports itunes backup, itunes restore, backup scan and backup update. You can also import a backup to restore your itunes.
  • Apple iTunes 9.0

    Apple itunes 9.0 brings you a free and good-quality application for Mac and PC. It plays all your digital music and video. It syncs content to your iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV. And it's an entertainment superstore that
  • CasaTunesSync for iTunes 1.0.34

    Use CasaTunesSync for itunes to allow CasaTunes to play itunes music from any Windows PC in the house. Simply install and run CasaTunesSync for itunes on each computer that has itunes music. The advanced capabilities of
  • TuneRanger 1.0.1

    Computers that are running itunes can be connected through TuneRanger that allows you to share and transfer the music and video files among all itunes connected over the network. It works with the Mac and Windows both
  • iTunes CD Fixup 1.0

    Sometime, having multiple media applications, whether editing or playing software, can cause problems with itunes?? accessing your CD/DVD drives. This utility quickly fixes this error for you. One you???ve run the fix,
  • iTunes 10 icons -

    itunes 10 icons is a collection that enables you to customize your itunes Shortcuts. Add some subtle tweaks to Apple's new logo for itunes 10. New bevel, Gloss, and
  • Black & Blue iTunes icon Final

    Different itunes icons for your applications. Different itunes icons for your applications. Black & Blue itunes icon is a collection that will provide you with different icons for your itunes shortcuts. The pack
  • TotalHTMLConverter 2.5

    You have seen PDF to DOC convertor and vice versa but you never seen a convertor before that convert HTML file into several formats. Yes TotalHTMLConverter is a program that use for this purpose. You can convert
  • Aniosoft iTunes Assistant 6.0

    Aniosoft itunes Assistant can convert APE format to MP3 and add it to itunes library automatically.Also it support convert WAV files and CUE.It can add all files from a folder, and auto create a playlist in itunes
  • iTunes Repair Tool for Vista 1.0

    The itunes Repair Tool for Vista 1.0 will repair permissions for important files required by itunes to play your itunes Store purchases. This will allow those who have upgraded to you Microsoft Vista to listen to the
  • Python SwatchBooker-0.7.3 2 6

    Swatchbooker is a swatch book viewer, convertor and editor. It includes SwatchBooker Batch convertor. It currently reads color swatches from Adobe ase, QuarkXpress qcl, GIMP gpl, HTML, OpenOffice.org soc or Scribux xml
  • iDumpPod2iTunes

    iDumpPod2itunes is designed as an useful application which allows users to transfer music and playlists to itunes. iDumpPod2itunes will ask you some questions before starting to copy tracks and playlists from
  • iTunes Media Player 4.0

    You can perform following functions with handy itunes Media Player: for showing/hiding itunes; for playing playlist of itunes; changing title as well as color and font, etc of songs; supports repeat/shuffle modes, and
  • Qloud Plugin for iTunes 1.0

    Qloud Plugin for itunes is a very powerful plugin for itunes. This small plug-in search your music podcast in itunes and the user can type a search word and this application will start playing the best songs. Qloud
  • iTOrganize 1.0

    Now you can easily and quickly organize, rearrange and build/consolidate your itunes library by using handy software iTOrganize. You can use it even for finding and adding those directories that are not included in your
  • RTF Convertor 1.0.0

    RTF convertor is a unique and easy to use software to quickly and easily print and export (10+ formats supported) your RTF/Word documents. Convert your RTF/Word documents to PDF, RTF, images and more! With the RTF
  • Word To Image Creator 3.2

    Word to Image convertor is a powerful software for convert Word document (.doc, .docx) files into Images formats as .JPG, .JPEG, .TIFF, .GIF, .BMP, .EXIF, .PNG etc. It creates images of all pages of doc, docx files. It